For all that life leaves behind, there's Love.

Few of us can deal with the recent past. 
Either our present lives have too strong a hold on us,
Or else we are plunged into the troubled waters of the past,
Trying our utmost to bring back and retrieve something  vanished beyond recall.
Even in the large and wealthy families,
Who owe much to their ancestors,
It is the custom to remember the grandfathers rather than the fathers.

*   *   *

Once I had a distant, fascinating and intriguing father - lets call my father by his name - around whose crib there danced the last moon rays of the old century and the first shimmering light of the new dawn - Evening Star, The Morning Star, the Star of Even-Morn. Thats where our name comes from.

*   *   *

Perhaps this was me - Or maybe a vision.

It would seem to me, that more and more mine thoughts have been drawn to the plight of the Habsburgs and the Bourbons, and also to the alarming possibility that what has occured to them may just as much occur to us. Even beyond this however, mine thoughts have drifted often, like an unruly youth, towards the personal relations I share with the Habsburgs, and what grand and righteous people they remain to be, inasmuch as many of our brethren have fallen from grace and lost their intergrity, becoming no better then the upstart noveau-riche. I remember visiting with the Habsburgs, in their Palace in Vienna. The first time I visited I think was in 1742. I remember that It was Christmas and it snowed a great deal. Again I visited, in the late summer of 1893, and the glitter of society quite reminded me of a visit I made to my grandparents in Paris, in the Autumn of 1569. There is much left to the souls of mine noble line, but still we are made to ponder.

*   *   *

There's a Million worlds, swirling in my head, and none of them are real to you, but they are real to me. They keep me going when the light has left me and all is bathed in the blackened moon. They keep me from falling back into the old ways, they help me live my life. They are my soul's sustinence, my joy, my love.